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Stem Genomics provides specific services to assess the genetic integrity of stem cells. We offer a range of innovative tests that use digital PCR and a panel of specific probes to detect most of the recurrent genetic abnormalities observed in stem cells. This innovation, called iCS-digital TM, is rapid, robust, and cost-effective, and can be performed on genomic DNA, cell pellets and cells in fresh culture media (or in cell culture supernatant).


Stem Genomics

Stem Genomics develops a technology invented by Prof John De Vos and Dr Said Assou, researchers at the Institute for Regenerative Medicine & Biotherapy (IRMB), University of Montpellier, and co-founders of the company. Located at the heart of the University Hospital Centre of Montpellier, IRMB houses research groups working on basic stem cell research and on innovative applications for regenerative therapy, with the aim of facilitating the transfer from research to clinical applications. Stem Genomics is located at the IRMB Cyborg business incubator and works in close collaboration with IRMB researchers. Stem Genomics has emerged from a prestigious scientific environment.


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The workflow for PSC genetic integrity quality control recommended by Stem Genomics

PSC workflow: Introducing practical guidelines for regular in-process testing of PSC lines

It is widely recognised that Pluripotent Stem Cells (PSCs) need close monitoring to ensure their genomic integrity throughout prolonged cultures. However, the challenge remains in putting the theory into practice: How frequently should PSCs be tested? And which steps are critical in the process? In this article, we provide specific guidelines for the genomic integrity characterisation of PSCs. They are based on recognised publications and on Stem Genomics’ experience in PSC quality testing.

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