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EditCo selects Stem Genomics iCS-digital™ PSC kit to meet the standards of their high throughput automated process development cycle

Convenience, quality, and swift delivery are at the heart of everything EditCo does for their customers. This implies developing a strong quality control system around their engineered cells’ workflow. Stem Genomics has proudly supported the team for the past four years and has been part of the process that makes EditCo’s engineered cells as dependable and reproducible as any standard laboratory reagent. Alexander Brown PhD, Associate Director, and Montse Morell PhD, Director of Scientific Development, explain why they chose the iCS-digital™ PSC kit amongst other solutions to monitor the genomic stability of their engineered cells.

What type of work does EditCo actually do with human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)?

At EditCo, our mission is to produce high-quality cell edits at an industry-leading turnaround time. To do this, we need to build processes optimized for both quality and speed. A lot of our work involves human pluripotent stem cells. Although these cells have amazing potential, their propensity for genomic instability can make them more challenging than other cell types. We manage this challenge in several ways including rigorously testing any process changes before implementation and using in-line quality controls.


What made you use the iCS-digital™ PSC test as part of your QC?

We need high-quality read-outs at every step of the cell editing process. We use digital PCR in-house, so incorporating the iCS-digital™ PSC kit into our workflow was straightforward. This assay enables real-time results and its sensitivity helps us achieve the final product quality we seek to achieve. We evaluated a lot of karyotyping technologies and only Stem Genomics’ digital PCR-based assay enabled the scalability, sensitivity, repeatability, and speed we needed to rapidly iterate and improve our cell editing processes.


Why would you recommend using Stem Genomics’ iCS-digital™ PSC assay?

Anyone who wants to scale up production and automate their workflow will benefit from this test. Its sensitivity has been proven and tested by our team versus other techniques (see Travis Harcastle blog article on karyotyping methods) and we find its repeatability to be excellent. If the customer does not have the machine in-house, the service from Stem Genomics’ lab in Durham, North Carolina is always an option.

Alexander Brown, Associate director, Scientific Development and Montse Morell, Director of scientific development. -
EditCo Bio

EditCo Bio, a spin-out of Synthego, focuses on delivering optimized, multi-guide CRISPR kits and made-to-order edited cells. They are dedicated to building a novel and more accessible research toolkit to make genome engineering easier, faster, and more reliable.

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