iCS-digital™ MSC:
fast and cost-effective genomic assay

Detect over 80% of recurrent abnormalities in hMSCs in record-breaking time!

Genomic abnormalities can lead to the potential development of tumors in patients and reduce the efficacy of MSC treatments (Neri, 2019). Traditional G-Banding karyotyping is helpful in providing an exhaustive structural and numerical variant analysis. However, it can be long and difficult to organize. This led Stem Genomics to develop a specific solution for research scientists working on hMSCs.

Fast, sensitive and cost-effective solution

iCS-digital™ MSC has been designed to capture 80% of abnormalities found in MSCs.

We carried out an exhaustive meta-analysis of genomic abnormalities and referenced about 300 genetic abnormalities in hMSC lines. We then used this data to design our own assay: a set of 24 probes optimized to target all human chromosomes.

Our digital PCR-based solution enables rapid and cost-effective screening for chromosomal abnormalities, delivering results in just 3 days.

iCS-digital™ MSC can also complement a process already in place and bring an extra layer of precision to your QC.

iCS-digital™ MSC key specifications at a glance

Cell types

Human MSCs


After isolation

During cell expansion

Before banking



Cell pellets



Room temperature

Dry ice


>80% of recurrent abnormalities


>20% (depending on sample quality)


2-3 days after sample reception

Available as a service only
from one sample:

For research use only

Practical testing guidelines

Recommended guidelines in terms of genomic stability advise checking the cells during their time in culture but also screening clones after any stressing process (reprogramming, gene editing, etc.) and during banking. It is also advisable when a new line is acquired.

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workflow msc


iCS-digital™ MSC

Clone screening

iCS-digital™ MSC


iCS-digital™ MSC

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| Sandra Segeletz, Head of Innovation
I would recommend the iCS-digital™ tests for anyone looking for a good genomic appraisal at minimum effort. In addition, this is an easy entry to quality control for anyone with a limited budget.
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