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denovoMATRIX adopts iCS-digital™ tests to expand genomic quality control at minimum effort and investment

denovoMATRIX was keen to go further into the genomic stability assessment of their PSC and MSC products. They contacted Stem Genomics to incorporate our fast and convenient iCS-digital™ tests into their quality control.

What type of work does denovoMATRIX actually do with human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)?

denovoMATRIX is the partner of choice for many biotechnology companies working in cell therapies or clean meat. They support their clients by supplying extracellular matrix-mimetic coatings for their applications alongside expert advice to enhance their research and development projects. Their promise is to help them manufacture cells in higher quality, quantity and safety. Ensuring the genomic stability of their product is therefore key, and this is how they naturally started working with Stem Genomics in 2021. Head of Innovation, Sandra Segeletz explains: “I take a personal interest in genomic stability beyond the industry standards that we closely follow. We want to make sure we reduce the risks and uncertainties in this area to avoid troubles for our clients in the long run”. 

What made you use the iCS-digital™ PSC & iCS-digital™ MSC tests as part of your QC?

“Before using the iCS-digital™ tests, we only had G-Banding karyotypes in place in our workflow for our pluripotent stem cells (PSC) and mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) quality control. However, genetic changes can be subtle and not always detected by karyotyping alone. Therefore digital PCR has the extra sensitivity we require for better detection. We use both now to deliver the peace of mind our clients need”, adds Sandra.

Why would you recommend to use Stem Genomics’ iCS-digital™ PSC & MSC assays?

“Beyond the sensitivity of the technology, we like the convenience of the iCS-digital™ tests. We just need to send cells in culture medium at room temperature,“ says Sandra.  “The simplicity and speed of the iCS-digital™ range enable us to use it routinely, every 10 passages for iPSCs for example.  Alternative methods like FISH or qPCR would be more painful.” When asked about the potential of the tests for fellow research scientists, Sandra adds “I would recommend the iCS-digital™ tests to anyone looking for a good genomic appraisal at minimum effort. This is an easy entry to quality control for anyone with a limited budget.” 

Sandra Segeletz, Head of Innovation -

About denovoMATRIX

denovoMATRIX designs and produces biomaterials, which enable cell manufacturing in higher quality, quantity and safety

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