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GoLiver Therapeutics uses iCS-digital PSC to complete their genomic integrity QC

Combining iCS-digital™ PSC and karyotyping for better cell differentiation

GoLiverTx was one of the first companies to convert to the iCS-digital™ PSC test almost right after Stem Genomics launched it back in 2018. This innovative start-up has integrated the test in its routine quality control process to achieve the best possible expansion and differentiation of its cells in culture.

 What type of work does GoLiver actually do with hPSCs?

GoLiver Tx’s main goal is to develop safe and effective cell therapy products as an alternative to liver transplants. To get to that stage, we will drive the fate of pluripotent stem cells towards therapeutic cells  by amplifying the hPSC cell lines, differentiating them into hepatic cells and banking the differentiated cells as a ready-to-use frozen product.

Why does iPSC genetic analysis matter to you?

With so many stressful steps for the cells, GoLiverTx needs to ensure that the hPSCs and their differentiated cell derivatives are safe to use, in particular without genomic abnormalities.

Before using iCS-digital™ PSC from Stem Genomics, GoLiverTx could only perform karyotyping analyses for cell genetic integrity controls. This meant, due to the test’s inherent time delay, that we were looking for a more rapid, cost-effective and high-throughput genetic test.

Why use Stem Genomics’ assays?

When the GoLiverTx team discovered the iCS-digital™ PSC test, we were won over by its ease-of-use, speed, and reliability. This is why we have successfully put in place a robust in-process quality control that enables us to confidently and routinely check the quality of our cells during industrial cell production and during R&D work. We decided to run iCS-digital™ PSC about every 5 passages to ensure the genomic stability of our cells throughout cell culture.

According to Angélique Fourrier, R&D project manager “Since we started using the iCS-digital™ PSC for routine control, we have gained a massive degree of confidence in the quality of our cells in long-term culture, as we can quickly control their genome integrity even on a weekly basis if we wanted. Not surprisingly, by removing the genetic instability factor from the equation, we are rewarded with a highly scalable, efficient and very cost-effective GMP differentiation process for PSCs to produce safe live cell therapy products on a multi-billion cell scale”. 

Angélique Fourrier, R&D project manager -
GoLiver Therapeutics

About GoLiver Therapeutics

GoLiver Therapeutics is one of the most promising French start-ups in the regenerative medicine field. Its objective is to find alternative therapies for life-threatening liver failures in response to the shortage of organs for transplants.
A spin-off from the INSERM and the University of Nantes Hospital, GoLiver Therapeutics develops solutions to repair the liver without the need for a graft, using pluripotent stem cells differentiated into hepatic cells, in order to boost its self-regeneration.

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