G-Banding: the traditional and best-known technique
for controlling genomic stability in human stem cells

A karyotype service optimized for human stem cells

G-Band, G-Banded or G-Banding analysis is the best-known method for karyotyping. It provides a visible karyotype of your cells by staining condensed chromosomes. This type of analysis requires specific knowledge and careful preparation of cells before analysis.


An accredited cytogenetician will conduct a 20-metaphase spread analysis for you in compliance with the European Guidelines for Constitutional Cytogenetics Analysis 2018 and the updated version of ISCN (International System for human Cytogenetic Nomenclature). For US karyotypes, work will be performed as per GLP (Good Laboratory Practice).

Our G-Banding service detects:

  • Balanced and unbalanced translocations
  • Aneuploidy
  • Inversions
  • Duplications/deletions
  • Abnormalities >5-10 Mb and 10% mosaicism

What it does not detect:

  • Genomic abnormalities smaller than 5-10 Mb (for example, the 20q.11.21 chromosomal amplification) *


We always strive for fast deliveries but please note that lead times depend on planning and sample quality. Assuming the samples sent comply with the sample collection and shipment instructions, we can commit to a 10 business day-lead time for the North-American market** and a 20 business day-lead time for Europe for hPSCs and 25 business days for hMSCs. Please note that we will not be able to plan the work on your cells without advance notice. Contact us at least one week (Europe) and 24 hours (USA) before sending your samples to avoid disappointment.

Available for all human cell types through our US platform, and hPSCs through our European platform. 

*Traditional G-Banding karyotyping is helpful in providing an exhaustive structural and numerical variant analysis. However, it does not have the required resolution to identify the most frequent genomic defects in human pluripotent stem cells, such as the 20q.11.21 chromosomal abnormality. If you want to go a step further for a stronger genomic stability assessment, we recommend our Duo iCS-Karyo service.

 **rush service available on request (4-6 business days)

For research use only

Stem Genomics G-Banding key specifications at a glance

Cell types

Live cells


Acquisition of a new cell line

Banking characterization

End of workflow


Room temperature

  • Balanced and unbalanced translocations
  • Aneuploidy
  • Inversions
  • Duplications / deletions
  • Detect abnormalities >5-10 Mb and 10% mosaicism

>10% (depending on sample quality)


10 working days for USA* and 20** working days within Europe from sample receipt 

* Rush service  4-6 business days available on request

** allow 25 days for hMSCs

Available only as a service
(from one sample) 

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