Sterility: mycoplasma detection

Confidently detect mycoplasma in any human cell culture

Mycoplasma contamination can quickly develop in a lab, creating havoc. To make matters worse, it can take months to get rid of it.

Culture contamination needs to be taken seriously, as it can impact the viability of your research work. It can create chromosomal aberrations, inhibit cell proliferation and metabolism, cause changes in gene expression profiles and even lead to cell death.

Traditional detection methods can be time consuming. Mycoplasma cannot be detected by standard microscopic methods. Consequently, alternative solutions are available.

Avoid false positives

Stem Genomics has designed Myco-digital, its own digital PCR-based mycoplasma detection assay, to meet your needs. It has been precisely designed to target the conserved 16S ribosomal RNA coding region of the mycoplasma genome.

A quick turnaround to help you perform routine detection

We deliver the results back to you within a maximum of 3 days. This quick turnaround enables the routine screening required for your peace of mind.

Myco-digital specifications at a glance

Cell types

Any cells


≥ 20 genome copies / PCR reaction


Cell culture supernatant (≥ 500 µL)


Room temperature


> 60 mycoplasma species, including the 6 species responsible for 90-95% of cell culture infections


2-3 days after sample reception

Available as a service only
from five samples:

For research use only

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