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Ocular Genomics Institute, Harvard Medical School
| Dr Marcela Garita-Hernandez, Pharm D, PhD, Director of the iPSC Research Program, Pierce Lab.
“In my experience, you need to check your cell lines routinely, as nothing that I have found to date can help you predict genomic abnormalities without testing your cell lines regularly. If your raw material is not stable, it is very difficult to trust any differentiation changes down the line. iCS-digital™ PSC is ideal for regular testing and has always been part of our workflow. It is also affordable for most labs, so there is really no excuse not to test your lines”.  
The Regenerative Medicine Center Utrecht
| Renee Maas, PhD candidate
Since establishing a QC strategy involving iCS-digital™ PSC, we realized that the 20q appears very often. We really did not expect it to be present so frequently! This led us to implement iCS-digital™ PSC every 10 passages.
| Luke Flatt, Senior Scientist
“The iCS-digital™ PSC test enabled us to efficiently monitor the genomic stability of iPSC lines that are crucial for our in vitro toxicity assays. The high quality of the results and short turn-around times provided by Stem Genomics helps us to ensure the quality of our cell-based assays and services to our clients”.
University of Freiburg Department of Cardiology and Angiology, AG Hilgendorf
| Dr. Tsai-sang Dederichs, scientist
With Duo iCS-Karyo, Stem Genomics provides a very convenient and good quality service that makes genomic quality control easy. Communication is smooth and instructions are clear.
| Claire Richards, CEO and Founder
I would recommend the iCS-digital™ PSC to anyone who wants a good way of keeping an eye on their cells almost in real time and as a complement to traditional techniques that take a lot longer.
| Kurt Jacobs, Research scientist
The iCS-digital™ PSC 24-probe kit covers a wide range of mutations in a simple test. It helps us strengthen our quality control at various stages of our workflow. For instance, it picked up the 20q amplicon that was present in some of our hiPSC lines.
| Sandra Segeletz, Head of Innovation
I would recommend the iCS-digital™ tests for anyone looking for a good genomic appraisal at minimum effort. In addition, this is an easy entry to quality control for anyone with a limited budget.
GoLiver Therapeutics
| Angélique Fourrier, R&D project manager
Since we started using the iCS-digital™ PSC for routine control, we have gained a massive degree of confidence in the quality of our cells in long-term culture […] Not surprisingly, by removing the genetic instability factor from the equation, we are rewarded with a highly scalable, efficient and very cost-effective GMP differentiation process for PSCs to produce safe live cell therapy products on a multi-billion cell scale.
| Stéphanie Bigou, Responsable Opérationnelle
We have been using the (iCS-Digital™) tests since their launch in 2018 and find them to be very reliable.
| Arie Reijerkerk, Director Manufacturing Technology
The results are obtained very quickly; the reports are clearly interpreted and there is a smooth line of communication between Ncardia and Stem Genomics whenever we require further clarifications.

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