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AG Hilgendorf Lab finds in Duo iCS-Karyo a smooth karyotyping solution that fits their needs

Research at the AG Hilgendorf lab aims at investigating specific mutations and how they relate to cardiovascular diseases. Based on clinical observations, the team of scientists decided to deepen their understanding by using an hPSC model control experiment.

What was your incentive for conducting genomic abnormality testing as part of your work?

We identified hPSCs as an adequate tool to model clinical conditions in a controlled manner. To draw valid and meaningful conclusions that translate experimental results into scientific insights, we think it is important to ensure an adequate stability and quality of hPSCs.

What made you use the Duo iCS-Karyo test as part of your QC?

As our experiment requires genetic manipulation of hPSCs, we speculated that unintended genomic changes might occur. Therefore, we wanted to confirm the absence of major genomic abnormalities in the hPSCs before we used them for the down-stream experiments.

Why would you recommend using Stem Genomics’ Duo iCS-Karyo assay?

Stem Genomics provides a very convenient and good quality service that makes genomic quality control easy. Communication is smooth and instructions are clear.


Dr. Tsai-sang Dederichs, scientist -
University of Freiburg Department of Cardiology and Angiology, AG Hilgendorf

The  AG Hilgendorf laboratory’s scientific interest lies in understanding the role of the immune system in cardiovascular disease and how modulation of the immune response affects disease outcome. The goal of our research is:

  1. to identify the inflammatory processes responsible for the imbalanced immune response in atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases and
  2. to define feasible targets for immunomodulation to restore proper resolution of inflammation.

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