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Toxys shares how the services by Stem Genomics are valuable to ensure genomic stability of human induced pluripotent cell lines

Toxys is a great ambassador of the importance of regular genomic stability testing, whether or not your end goal is a therapy reaching a patient, or a high-quality in vitro assay. Luke Flatt, Senior scientist, explains why he finds iCS-digital PSC™ ideal for regular in-process genomic testing and discusses the value it has brought their human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) differentiation workflow.

In what context does Toxys use induced human pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs)?

Toxys has developed an in-vitro assay called ReproTracker® that is based on human pluripotent stem cells. It enables predictions of in vivo teratogenicity and the extrapolation of the results to humans. Ultimately, ReproTracker® provides animal-free developmental toxicity predictions, with the advantages of being more ethically acceptable but also more translatable for human predictions than some animal testing assays.

What made you use the iCS-digital™ PSC test as part of your QC?

I’m a great believer in the importance of regular genomic stability testing for hiPSCs cultured in vitro, even if your product is never intended to go anywhere near the patient. Abnormalities can be detrimental to your product, especially if left unchecked. If you test more, you have a stronger understanding of your system, you get a better product.

In our laboratory, we differentiate hiPSCs towards cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes and neural rosettes. The ReproTracker® research team needed to have a rationale when differentiation efficiency fell below our expected standards. G-Banding was the genomic stability method we used to start with, but it is not well suited to act as the regular in-process genomic stability check. The challenge for us was to find a faster test, that would remain affordable.

Why would you recommend using Stem Genomics’ iCS-digital™ PSC assay?

The test is ideal for regular in-process checks. The iCS-digital™ PSC test enabled us to monitor the genomic stability of our iPSCs.

As for the service side, I was quite skeptical of the turnaround time at first. I thought 3 days, from sample receipt to report, was too good to be true, but Stem Genomics does deliver as promised! There is a great support service overall, with smooth lines of communication between the Stem Genomics team and the client. We also like the fact that you can just send the DNA by mail. It saves a lot of money.


Luke Flatt, Senior Scientist -

Toxys is a Dutch biotech company that provides innovative in vitro toxicity screening solutions to rapidly identify hazardous and potential carcinogenic properties of novel compounds during the early phases of product and drug development.

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