> Perform 3 essential quality tests in just 3 days to ensure the safety and reproducibility of your research material

Perform 3 essential quality tests in just 3 days to ensure the safety and reproducibility of your research material

Genomic abnormalities, mycoplasma detection and cell line authentication are a real challenge for scientists working on human stem cells. Various stressing factors can trigger genetic defects during the cell culture process. Mislabeling or cross-contamination can lead to the wrong identification of the cell lines, and of course, mycoplasma contamination can wreak havoc in your lab. By overlooking these challenges, you can compromise the safety and quality of your research work, its reproducibility and ultimately, the reputation of the field.

The ISSCR raised a red flag and put together some guidelines to try and minimize these issues in the “Standards for Human Stem Cell Use in Research” document produced back in June 2023.

To increase your confidence in the quality of your cell line, Stem Genomics recommends regular genetic stability testing, mycoplasma detection and short tandem repeats throughout the lifecycle of the cells in culture.

For most labs, this best practice can only be implemented if these tests are performed quickly and within a (reasonable) budget. This is what led Stem Genomics to offer a fast, one-stop-shop service combining digital PCR karyotyping, mycoplasma detection and Short Tandem Repeat*.

This 3-in-1 offer includes:

  • A digital PCR-based karyotyping assay, the iCS-digital™ range which detects the most recurrent abnormalities in human cell lines (hPSCs and hMSCs).
  • A digital PCR-based mycoplasma detection assay, the Myco-digital test, to detect 60 mycoplasma species at 10 CFU/mL.
  • A traditional STR (Short Tandem Repeat) test to check the identity of your cell line.
  • Fast standard service to obtain your results from 3 tests in just 3 days.
  • A comprehensive but straightforward report so it only takes a few seconds of your time to understand your results. We do the interpretation for you!

What’s more:

  • All 3 tests performed from one small sample of 500,000 cells.
  • Preferential rates available from 2 tests ordered.

All you need to do is send DNA (or cell pellets) by mail and we’ll take it from there!

Contact us to implement this cost-effective and reliable Quality Control used by major players in the field of cell therapy.

*This offer is also available with G-Banding karyotype. Contact us to check the lead times depending on your geographical area.

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