Customized assays for human stem cells

Digital PCR is an extremely sensitive and fast method for absolute quantification of nucleic acids. It is particularly suitable for the detection of low-abundance targets and for the analysis of allelic variants (single nucleotide polymorphisms, SNPs) and copy number variations (CNVs).

The iCS-digital™ custom test will enable you to amplify very small quantities of DNA that harbor cell genetic traits. This is ideal when trying to quantify transgenes.

For instance, we can help in the case of CRISPR-edited cells that may involve the insertion of DNA fragments into their genome. We can create a customized test, from the specific design of probe assays to the completion of the digital PCR test and report generation.

As a result, we can enable you to check that the generated clones have integrated the desired transgene, and measure the number of copies.

Customized assay specifications at a glance

Cell types

Any human cell type





Cell pellet

Cells in fresh culture media (or in cell culture supernatant)


Room temperature

Dry ice

Room temperature




>20% (depending on sample quality)


2-3 days after sample reception

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