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iCS-Digital™ PSC provides the quality assurance the ICM’s ICV-iPS Core Facility needs

The ICV-iPS core facility of the prestigious Institut du Cerveau (“ICM”), otherwise known as the “Paris Brain Institute” and located in Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital has been a regular client of Stem Genomics for over 3 years. Using our test has provided them with the quality assurance they require as a Core Facility handling hiPS cells on behalf of many research scientists.

What type of work does the ICV-iPS do with stem cells ?

The ICV-iPS Core Facility generates hiPSC lines for research scientists. They can also genetically modify cells using the gene-editing technology CRISPR/Cas 9. Chromosomal integrity is the first quality control the core facility applies to hiPSC generated clones in order to identify the ones that will be selected for the rest of the workflow. They also screen genetically modified hiPSC generated clones to ensure their stability after the gene-editing stage. Finally, ICM research teams using hiPS cell lines get them routinely tested to ensure their integrity throughout culture.

Why in-process genetic tests matter for them ?

Regular testing of cell lines is a quality assurance for ICV-iPS’s clients. It’s simply an essential part of the process for a Core Facility that supplies hiPS cell lines”, says Stéphanie Bigou, Operational Manager. “By using the iCS-Digital PSC from Stem Genomics, we can conduct regular checks quickly. In addition, Stem Genomics offers the possibility of sending only a single sample at once. That’s an additional benefit for us, as we don’t always have several samples requiring chromosomal integrity checks at the same time“.

Why would you recommend Stem Genomics ?

The team is very swift at coming back to us when we have questions and is willing to help. We have been using these tests for over 3 years now and find them to be very reliable.

Stéphanie Bigou, Responsable Opérationnelle -

About the ICM ?

The Institut du Cerveau (“ICM”, otherwise known as the “Paris Brain Institute”) is a prestigious and world-renowned organisation in its field. Located on the property of a public institution, the Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, it offers a unique concept: gathering patients, doctors and researchers in one place to facilitate the provision of break-through treatments the fastest possible way. Beyond making innovative material available, the ICM provides service and expertise in the human brain to the entire scientific community. This includes work on stem cells and that’s what led the ICV-iPS core facility to be in contact with Stem genomics.

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