> Stem Genomics announces partnership with Pluristyx, leading one-stop-shop solution provider for high-quality cell-based therapies.

Stem Genomics announces partnership with Pluristyx, leading one-stop-shop solution provider for high-quality cell-based therapies.

Pluristyx, Inc. and Stem Genomics SAS today announce the closing of an equity investment and strategic partnership in Stem Genomics. Through the partnership, the companies will offer a unified pathway to allow customers to evaluate the genomic stability of Pluristyx’s pluripotent stem cell (PSC) lines using Stem Genomics’ iCS-digital™ PSC assay.

Stem Genomics iCS-digital™ PSC assay, based on highly sensitive digital PCR (dPCR) technology, enables the detection of small size copy number variations (CNVs) indicative of genomic instability. Based on Stem Genomics’ unique SMART database, the iCS-digital™ assay can detect up to 92% of recurrent abnormalities common in iPSCs. The iCS-digital™ assay is available as a range of kits and services including the Duo iCS-Karyo assay with combined G-banding solution.

Pluristyx’s iPSCs are derived from fully-consented donors via donations procured under regulatory appropriate Good Tissue Practices (GTP). The lines are also available gene-edited to contain panCELLa™ proprietary genetic engineering such as the FailSafe™ safety switch, iACT® allogeneic cell cloaking technology, and custom editing upon request. These iPSC lines are currently available in two cost-effective tiers: a research-grade version with a ‘try before you buy’ evaluation model prior to licensing, and a full GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant version with license. Customers can now quickly assess genetic stability and the functional performance of Pluristyx’s iPSC lines as a starting raw material for their clinical product allowing them to confidently and rapidly move to product development and manufacturing.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Pluristyx as an emerging leader in the iPSC sector. From our earliest interactions, it was clear that our teams share a common focus on improving quality standards for iPSCs to maximize patient benefit. With Pluristyx’s global reach and complementary service and product portfolio, we look forward to expanding our offering in Europe and North America” – Nicolas Chapal, CEO, Stem Genomics.

“The combination of the Stem Genomics’ assay portfolio with our Pluristyx iPSC lines offers customers a fast and effective way to quantitatively assess genomic stability, delivering time and cost savings for in-process testing and end-process batch characterization. This is highly complementary with our try-before-you-buy model for our panCELLa™ lines. This strategic investment supports Pluristyx’s mission of becoming a one-stop shop of services, products, and technologies for customers developing best-in-class Cell Therapy products.” – Benjamin Fryer, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Pluristyx.

About Pluristyx

Pluristyx, through its merger with Toronto-based panCELLa, offers a portfolio of unique iPSC-based technologies, proprietary genetic engineering, and related services to provide end-to-end client support throughout their product lifecycle. Pluristyx is fast becoming the leading provider of gene-edited iPSC and cell therapy solutions, accelerating the path to clinic, and providing the best route to commercialization for customers developing cell-based therapeutic products. For more information on Pluristyx, please visit

About Stem Genomics

Stem Genomics provides next generation quality controls for cell therapy. Stem Genomics helps scientists assess the genomic stability of their cell lines with specific assays and recommended workflows for the cell type they work with. Today, Stem Genomics works with +150 clients worldwide, from academic institutions to biotech companies and core facilities. Stem Genomics services North American clients from a laboratory based in the Research Triangle in Durham, North Carolina, and European and other international clients from the headquarters in Montpellier, France. For more information on Stem Genomics, please visit

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