Duo iCS-Karyo service:
we deliver as promised

G-Banding karyotyping results can take a while: weeks, sometimes months. Cell culture requires time and cannot be compromised by short-cuts. However, we have risen to the challenge and are committed to delivering your full iCS-digital™ PSC and G-Banding analysis to you within 20 working days from cell reception*.

Sample requirements

  1. 2 x T25 flask at 60% confluency + 50 mL of media (Europe) or 1 x T25 flask at 25% confluency + 1 x T25 flask at 50% confluency + 50 mL of media (USA). 
  2. Room temperature

How it works

Follow the step-by-step guidance to perform your assay:
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*Assuming the samples sent comply with the sample collection and shipment instructions. Please note that we will not be able to plan the work on your cells without advance notice. Contact us at least one week before sending your samples to avoid disappointment.

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