The most recurrent abnormality in hPSCs

We have extended our kit range to better meet your needs! The iCS-digital TM PSC 20q-only is now available!

Many of you asked for a test that would focus on the most common abnormality in hPSCs. So, we made it!
You can now detect specifically the sub-karyotypic 20q11.21 amplification, which represents >20% of recurrent genomic abnormalities in hPSCs, with a rapid, sensitive and easy-to-use digital PCR kit.

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Digital PCR is the most accurate PCR method for assessing the genetic integrity of stem cells through the detection of Copy Number Variants (CNVs). At Stem Genomics, we help you to assess the genetic integrity of your stem cell lines with digital PCR-based tests designed to suit your organization and the specific features of your cell lines. If you want to learn more, download the Newsletter.

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