Detect abnormalities in human Mesenchymal Stromal/stem Cells

The iCS-digital TM MSC test detects more than 80% of the most frequent genomic abnormalities
in human mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (hMSCs).

Cell types

Human MSCs


- After isolation
- During cell expansion
- Before banking


- gDNA
- Cell pellets
- Cells in fresh culture media
(or in cell culture supernatant)


- Room temperature
- Dry ice
- Room temperature


>80% of recurrent abnormalities


(depending on sample quality)


2-3 days
after sample reception

Rationale for MSC genomic integrity screening

In culture, human mesenchymal stromal/stem cells (hMSCs) can acquire genomic instability in both autosomes and sex chromosomes (1-3). These chromosome anomalies may be propagated during cell expansion, raising issues about the safety and clinical applications of such cell lines.

With the ultimate goal of maintaining in culture genetically stable hMSCs, we carried out an exhaustive meta-analysis of genomic abnormalities and referenced about 300 genetic abnormalities in hMSC lines.

We then used these data to develop the iCS-digital TM MSC test. This assay includes a set of 24 specific probes that were designed and optimized to target all human chromosomes and allows detecting, by digital PCR, more than 80% of the most frequent genetic abnormalities in hMSCs.

Thanks to its rapidity, the iCS-digital TM MSC test is a straightforward method for monitoring hMSC lines in culture.

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Mesenchymal stromal stem cell test

The iCS-digital TM MSC test is a fast and precise method for the routine screening of hMSC lines during culture.

iCS-digital TM MSC

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