iCS-digital kit and software

Discover the first digital PCR kit to detect the most frequent genomic abnormalities reported in human pluripotent stem cells

Stem Genomics diversifies its offer by launching the iCS-digital TM PSC kit, allowing you to perform this test, already offered in service for more than 2 years, in your facilities.
The iCS-digital TM PSC kit is a precise, fast and sensitive digital PCR test for the detection of more than 90% of the recurrent genomic abnormalities in hPSCs. The iCS-digital TM PSC kit includes eight multiplexed PCR assays that allow the reliable analysis of the 24 regions with the most frequent Copy Number Variations (CNVs) reported in hPSCs. The kit also includes a validated normal genomic DNA control (XY).
Data processing, statistical analysis, and graphical representation of the results can be performed in an automated and explicit way using the iCS-digital TM software provided online by Stem Genomics to help users with data interpretation.

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