iCS-digital™ PSC service:
your results in 3 days!

Waiting weeks or months to get analysis results can be a real issue for research teams working on human pluripotent stem cells. You will not have this issue with the iCS-digital™ range !

At Stem Genomics, we guarantee your delivery within 3 working days from reception, with fully interpreted and straightforward results in your inbox !

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| Arie Reijerkerk, Director Manufacturing Technology
The results are obtained very quickly; the reports are clearly interpreted and there is a smooth line of communication between Ncardia and Stem Genomics whenever we require further clarifications.

The iCS-digital™ PSC test range available as a service

iCS-digital™ PSC

24 probes

Detects more than 90% of recurrent genomic abnormalities in hPSCs.

iCS-digital™ PSC

12 probes

Detects 77.5% of recurrent genomic abnormalities in hPSCs.

iCS-digital™ PSC

20q only

Detects the most recurrent abnormality in hPSCs.

3 possible sampling methods to make your life easier

  1. Genomic DNA at room temperature.
  2. Cells in culture medium at room temperature.
  3. Cell pellets on dry ice.

How it works

Follow the step-by-step guidance to perform your assay:
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