Duo iCS-Karyo : iCS-digital TM PSC and G-Banding Karyotype combined analysis

Duo iCS-Karyo is the unique combination of G-banding karyotyping and iCS-Digital™ PSC from Stem Genomics that will assess the genomic integrity of your cells with high precision. The two technologies combined provide you with high-resolution detection of the most recurrent altered regions in hPSCs, with high sensitivity and an exhaustive structural and numerical variants analysis.

Combining both technologies will offer you the usual structural rearrangement analysis that the G-Banding karyotype offers, including balanced and unbalanced translocations, deletions, insertions, and inversions. It will also ensure that you catch the most frequent genomic defects at high resolution such as the sub-karyotypic 20q.11.21 amplification, which accounts for 20% of hPSC abnormalities detected worldwide (Avery et al., 2013; Halliwell et al., 2020).

Duo iCS-Karyo : iCS-digital TM and G-Banding Karyotype combined analysis

Watch a short presentation video explaining all there is to know about the latest genomic integrity solution by Stem Genomics called Duo iCS-Karyo.
A 2-in-1 solution, combining iCS-digital™ PSC with G-Banding karyotyping, dedicated to the needs of research scientists working on hiPSCs.

Duo iCS-Karyo workflow

Live cells*


- Acquisition of a new cell line
- Banking characterization
- End of workflow


1 T25 flask at 40% confluency
1 T25 flask at 60% confluency
50mL of media


Room temperature (with warm pack)


iCS-digital™ PSC test :
- The most frequent abnormalities observed in hPSCs (CNVs) >20% mosaicism
- Sub-karyotypic abnormalities (>200 bp)

Karyotype :
- Balanced and unbalanced translocations
- Aneuploidy
- Inversions
- Duplications / deletions
- Detect abnormalities >5-10 Mb and 10% mosaicism


20 working days from sample receipt**

* For hESC, please contact us. **Assuming the samples sent comply with the sample collection and shipment instructions (see our Resources page).

Duo iCS-Karyo: a high precision genomic integrity solution !

G-banding karyotyping alone is not enough when it comes to detecting the smallest defects. Make sure you don’t miss out on the most recurrent abnormalities in hPSCs !

Karyotyping is the most commonly used technique for large structural abnormality detection in hPSCs. However, it can miss abnormalities smaller than 5-10 Mb. That’s where the iCS-digital™ PSC test comes in !

Dedicated to human pluripotent stem cells (iPSC and ESC), the iCS-Digital™ PSC 24 probes test detects more than 90% of recurrent abnormalities in hPSC lines at high resolution, such as the sub-karyotypic 20q11.21 amplification.

Combining both technologies provides you with the reassurance you need for publications, bank characterization or, for cell providers, when your clients ask for a quality control guarantee on the lines you sell.

On the right :

Top graph: the iCS-digital™ PSC-24 probes report, showing a sub-karyotypic abnormality on chromosome 20q.
Bottom graph: example of a normal karyotype analysis for the same sample.

A karyotype can miss abnormalities smaller than 5-10 Mb

Live cell requirements

Live cell samples are required for the Duo iCS-Karyo test. We provide full processing services, from simultaneous metaphase chromosome preparation and DNA extraction, to the final report.

The final analysis will be sent to you by email within 20 working days* of receipt of your live cells. It will consist of fully interpreted reports with representative images and a summary of the analysis.

You will also be able to count on our team of PSCs genomic analysis experts for any queries you may have throughout the process.


* Assuming the samples sent comply with the sample collection and shipment instructions. Please note that we will not be able to plan the work on your cells without advance notice. Contact us at least one week before sending your samples to avoid disappointment.

For research use only.

Available only in Europe. Coming soon in the USA.

Live cell requirements

With a unique combination of two technologies adapted to PSCs, Duo iCS-Karyo from Stem Genomics offers a reliable and specific analysis for total confidence in the genomic integrity of your cell lines.

High resolution hPSCs’ characterization : iCS-digital TM and G-Banding Karyotype combined analysis

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