Detect abnormalities in hPSCs: in-house kit

The iCS-digital TM PSC 24-probes kit allows the detection by digital PCR of more than 90% of recurrent
genomic abnormalities in human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs).

The iCS-digital TM PSC 24 probes kit
DNA extraction & quantification

DNA extraction & quantification

Digital PCR reagent preparation

Digital PCR reagent preparation

Droplet generation

Droplet generation



Droplet reader

Droplet reader

Online analysis & interpretation

Online analysis & interpretation



Cell types

ESCs & iPSCs

Compatible instruments

QX100 and QX200
Droplet Digital PCR
Bio-Rad system


upon reception


20 tests


91% of recurrent abnormalities


> 20%
(depending on sample quality)

The iCS-digital TM PSC kit is a precise and sensitive test for the detection of the most common genomic defects observed in cultured human Pluripotent Stem Cells (hPSCs). The kit, based on the digital PCR technology, allows the reliable quantification of 24 different DNA targets using eight multiplex assays (Mix 1 to 8). The kit also includes a validated normal genomic DNA control sample (XY).

Data processing, statistical analysis, and graphical representation of the results are performed in an automated and explicit way, thanks to the online iCS-digital TM analysis tool provided by Stem Genomics.

For Research Use Only

the iCS-digital software

Example of test report generated using the iCS-digital TM software
for easy data analysis and interpretation.

The iCS-digital TM PSC kit allows the fast and easy in-house analysis of the most common
genomic defects occuring in hPSCs.

The iCS-digital TM PSC 24-probes
iCS-digital TM PSC kit content
Additional reagents required, but not included

ddPCR TM Supermix for Probes (No dUTP)
- Bio-Rad (#186023)

HindIII-HF Enzyme
- e.g. New England Biolabs (#R3104L)

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